Capital for small businesses

Reach success with MONEX – Micro loans

You have got a business idea and want to start your own company? Or stabilise an existing venture or maybe expand it? We will give micro loans to new and already established small businesses, as well as entrepreneurs from all kinds of industries and services, independently of the age of the business.

Small loans for grand ideas

Following the ideas of Muhammad Yunus, we have developed a European form of micro lending and invest in people, who need just a small loan to develop their own personal business idea, or people who have lost their good credit rating. We will support you, if necessary, all the way, to achieve your goal.
We are looking at the granting of loans with the following aspects in mind: Trust in and Dignity for the person and Supporting relationship between giver and receiver of the loan

Micro instead of Macro

MONEX Micro lending has no minimum size. In each case we will finance the smallest necessary loan, to make certain that the paying back will be possible and will always be orientated at the current state of your venture. Using our so called “step by step” loan we will ensure that your MONEX micro lending will always keep up with you needs. Does that sound new to you? Come and also experience this new and positive way of getting a loan.

„Starting a business, supporting an existing business and expansion“

We want to invest mainly in things, which will generate higher returns and therefore yields. For example pre financing an order, investments and items needed for running the business and additional stocks.

„Micro loans are different to conventional bank loans“

With micro loans the emphasis is not on the size of the loan (“micro but macro”), but on the difference in the methods and goals at the giving of the loan. These will be tailored exactly to the needs of the person and the business. Why pay interest for money, which you do not need in this moment?

„Four eyes see more…“

We see in the tight relationship between consulting/coaching and financing, the most important success factor. This is why we seek cooperation with people and organisations, already busy in the field of consulting and coaching for small businesses.


„Your friend, your supplier or your customer knows you better…“

On the basis of the philosophy developed by Muhammad Yunus, MONEX will use your private and social environment. This has several positive advantages. The active integration during this phase, the involvement of guarantors in the sense of a responsible and important point of reference and the small size of the loan, especially in time of a crises will give a sense of stability. Your own network, your friends will know what you need and are able with our system to give you the support you need and will help you find ways for overcoming the crisis.
Alternatively the loan offer by MONEX also allows for the possibility of other securities for the loan, maybe things which are of special value to you.

„Keep reality in focus…“

During the time of the loan you will keep connected to us via our MONEX-monitoring system. This “early warning system” will make certain that action is taken, if needed, in a timely way. For example, if something should not go as planned. And who can be certain of this at the time of taking out a loan. In this case we will look for a solution together in a sensible and for all involved parties positive way.

How do you get your MONEX loan

On you will find all necessary documents: A self assessment, which is the basis for a loan, furthermore you will be able to find out what other documents you need. A loan guarantee form to give to your “responsible references”.

Using you will be able to claim all information collected on your own personal finance situation, please include this with the other document and supply them to us.